Tribus Mea was created out of a deep longing for connection, community, or tribe. Literally, Tribus Mea is the Latin translation for My Tribe.

I love meeting and learning from people. Unique life experiences, interests, and talents make us each fantastic teachers! As a student of life, I would love to learn and grow with you.

My name is Erin Cassinelli. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I share my life with my amazing husband and life partner, Shawn. We met in 2000 and have been inseparable ever since.

 Then and Now  

We have four wonderful children. Alix and Hunter participate in our daily adventures and have many talents and interests of their own. I love watching them discover their world. Micheal and Rebecca, our adult children, are living on their own and discovering who they are as individuals. It is strange not having them home, but wonderful to see them as successful adults.

My children are the bravest, most loving people I know. They constantly amaze me with their innate knowledge of what is right. They are wiser beyond their years!

As I mentioned before, I am a student of life. I love to learn. In 2009, I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a minor in Human Development.

In 2010, I became ill. After finding the root cause,  Celiac disease (an auto-immune disease due to an inability to digest wheat gluten), I found the healing power of Yoga. I had practiced Yoga for years but had only been interested in the athletic side of the practice. I began slowly, my body was weak. I read everything I could get my hands on. And then in 2011, I enrolled in a 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher training course. After 6 months of intense study of Yoga asanas (poses), ancient texts and current philosophy, chakras, history, meditation, and other aspects of the practice, I still had not learned enough. Before graduating from the 200 hour course, I had signed up for the 500 hour teacher training course.


I had found my bliss.

My daily practice of Yoga and meditation keeps me centered and grounded. Helping me sift through the clutter of the mind and find what is important and letting go of the rest. Letting go of the doubt, the negative thoughts and experiences of the past, and quieting the inner critic (as much as possible, but come on I’m human) .

Being in nature is a daily necessity for me. I crave being in the forest or at the ocean or anywhere else with Mother Nature. Being raised in the Pacific Northwest by farming hippie type parents, I definitely feel at ease in the woods, especially next to the water.

Living my life surrounded by such beauty, has given me the wonderful opportunity to explore another passion of mine… photography.

Other interests of mine include…

  • Hiking with my family. We love exploring new areas as well as our own “backyard”.
  • Eating clean and healthy. Our family cooks and eats together, it is always full of silliness, smiles, and laughter! We eat a mostly plant based, gluten free diet that NEVER lacks in flavor and creativity. (Check out recipes in the OUR KITCHEN section)
  • Creating. Painting, woodworking, mixed media art, and SO more!
  • Writing poetry, articles, short stories…. I just love writing.
  • Zen Rock Stacking is a favorite hobby of mine. I enjoy finding the balance, feeling the earth and the solid stone in my hands, the coolness of the water…..



And so many more interests to list!

I look forward to getting to know each of you and creating a space where we can learn and grow with each other!

Write to us! We will post entries, of all kinds, in the OUR TRIBE section.

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Some ideas of submissions include:

  • Introduce yourself! We would love to get to know you!!!
  • Articles of interest to you (maybe health, philosophy, hobbies of yours, etc.)
  • Poetry
  • Artwork (Pictures of your paintings, knitting, drawings, and photography of nature, family, food and more)
  • Recipes
  • and more!!!

Remember, all submission will be reviewed before posting to ensure that Tribus Mea remains a safe space for everyone!