Everyone is welcome in my kitchen. The more hands, the better. Food brings people together. Our family lives by this philosophy. We enjoy growing a garden, we like having herbs in the window of the kitchen or on top of the fridge basking in the skylight sun, together we talk and laugh while turning ingredients into delicious dishes, and then we eat our creations… together.

As our children have grown, each of them have discovered their own personality in cooking and baking. All four of our children are amazing chefs!

Today Alyssa, our youngest, is sharing her “Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy” recipe. Made completely by herself! Alyssa says “You can use any fruit. I just wanted these ones today!”. We discussed raspberries and blackberries and decided that if we were to use them, we would top our bowls with them and not add them to the salad. These delicate berries would break apart to easily, yet on top would add a beautiful touch.


  • 2 Bananas
  • 2 Mangoes
  • 10-15 Strawberries
  • 3 Kiwi
  • 1 Plum
  • Lemon Juice (optional)
  • Honey

Peel and slice bananas.

Add to bowl.

*Optional: To prevent browning, a little lemon juice can be tossed with the bananas.*

Hull and slice strawberries.

Add to bowl.

Cut mango.

(We saw this “hack” for mango preparation online awhile ago and decided to try it today. Cutting each side of the mango flesh from the pit, scoring it, then scooping out the mango with a spoon. I like peeling the mango, cutting from pit, then dicing is still MUCH easier.)

Add to bowl.

Peel and chop kiwi into pieces.

Add to bowl.

Cut plum, remove pit, and cut into small chunks.

Add to bowl.


Now drizzle a little honey on the top.

Toss and serve.


This salad is so yummy! And healthy. Different colors of fruits and vegetables contain different vitamins! Try to eat all the colors of the rainbow, everyday.