Two beings living the same life. Each and every one of us. Never alone.

ME. The one thinking these thoughts is separate than the body who is typing these words.

This is a very important concept to contemplate. Two entities. Body and soul. Some call it spirit, others refer to it as mind. Here, we can use the term Life Energy for ease of discussion.

Many of US (the life energy), including myself, spend our life disconnecting from our physical bodies. Sadly and unfortunately. This constant companion of ours.

Rather than finding connection and working as one, many of us spend our thoughts and energy putting our physical body through daily torment.

Our self talk is degrading. “I’m fat.” “I’m ugly.” “Disgusting stretch marks.” “Deflated belly and breasts from growing and nourishing babies.” The list continues… too short, too tall, too much hair, not enough hair, cellulite, droopy and aging skin, ugly feet, long nose, sparse eyelashes, pimples….You know the list.

And then our life energy turns against the body. It happens early in life for many of us. We begin to starve it with diets, ingest large amounts of caffeine and processed foods, overexercise or not move from the couch, stop drinking water, consume alcohol, smoke, STRESS (major impact to the physical being), sleep sporadically, yada yada yada…

Wait… STOP… what if things could be different….

What if we acknowledged this journey WE (our Life Force) is on with our physical bodies. What if we could be companions?  What would our journey be like if we could see our body as someone we actually liked.

What would we feed it? What would we say to it? How would we treat it?

How many of us have EVER liked our bodies? Without wishing to change something or taking our emotions, our sorrow-our fear, out on it.

The reality is… our physical bodies have been here every breath, every step along the way. Every tear, every smile, every laugh; it assisted us in expressing ourselves. Us-the Life Energy. Our body, our constant companion. Every joy, every trauma… it’s been there. Carrying us. Many times fighting for survival, for both of us. All along…it’s been there.

Many times our physical bodies are experiencing life more fully than our Life Energy. Our bodies exist in the present moment. While our Life Energy is always searching, planning, waiting for the next big thing, hoping, and thinking crazy, random thoughts; our physicalness is experiencing life in this moment. It feels cold as the Life Force is thinking of heat. It feels hunger pains as the Life Force is controlling it’s caloric intake to decrease it’s physical weight. It is always in THIS moment.

Do not fear. There is a solution to this disconnect we created years ago.

It’s called mindfulness.

Taking time to watch the body. Appreciate the body. Learn to use positive self-talk. Use the body in different ways: practice Yoga, swimming, parasailing, hiking, whatever your Life Energy enjoys…do THAT together! Feed the body with nutritious foods, hydrate with clean water, sleep, dance, stretch, laugh, LOVE, allow it to cry, splash in a creek, jump, HUG yourself, HUG someone else, be alive with your body, in this moment.

Take a moment.

How does the body feel right now?

Deep inhale. Long Exhale.

Settle your Life Energy awareness on your eyes, your fingertips, your toes. Breath in and let go.

Allow your Life Energy to enjoy this moment with your physical body.

Maybe a little smile…

Observing the body’s breath, the rhythmic inhales and exhales, is an excellent way to connect. Allowing the mind to scan the body and soften any tense muscles found.

Practice this throughout the day. Connect awareness with the physicalness by bringing attention to  the sensations of the body. Observe the body as it works.

This is mindfulness.